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NHTSA Closes Toyota Investigation

The last thing that the Toyota Motor company needed was another recall alert. Luckily, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently announced that the company did not need to issue one.

Recently, the NHTSA had been investigating complaints related to the power steering system of the Toyota Corolla. The investigation found that there were no defects in the system. Additionally, after a prolonged look at the company’s electronic throttles, the NHTSA found that Toyota was not at fault.

The company should see a boost in consumer confidence from the results of these two investigations; however, it may take years to regain the confidence levels it had prior to the electronic throttle fiasco. At fault, or not, the public will remember the problem, and for that reason, Toyota Corolla leases and sales may suffer.

The initial news of a probe into the Corolla’s steering can be read here on CNN’s site: