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NHTSA Reiterates Its Warning To Use Rear Facing Car Seats

Recently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reissued its warning to use rear facing child seats until the age of three.

The rear facing seats are meant to protect the youngest passengers in your vehicle. Additionally, children in this age group should never be placed in the front seating area. The rear facing seats are meant to prevent ejection from a vehicle, while placing your child in the rear seat will prevent injury from airbags. Airbags are designed to protect adults only and may injure or kill young children.

The NHTSA feels so strongly about these warnings that this has become a yearly reminder warning. Your children are your most important legacy. Why not protect them in every way possible.

Child Crash Dummies

A Tale Of Failed Crash Dummies And Children

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) will postpone some car seat regulations until crash dummies can better ‘mimic real children’. What does this mean to you?¬† Basically, federal regulations for automobile booster/car seats do not accurately protect our children.

The crash dummies failed because they are too stiff to mimic a child’s reaction during a crash. The stiffness of the dummies skews ‘the amount of crash force the child’s head would experience’ in the crash test, according to NHTSA officials. Problems with the development of child dummies are the key reason seats for children have no federal requirements for effectiveness¬† in regards to side-impact, rear-end and rollover collisions.

Each state has laws in place that are designed to protect our children, but how are we supposed to feel secure that they are effective if there is no way to test them effectively?