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October 9, 2012

Motorcycle Lane Sharing Laws: Save Lives

A recent report released by the California Office of Traffic Safety titles “Motorcycle Lane Share Study Among California Motorcyclists and Drivers 2012” makes the case that motorcycle sharing laws can effectively reduce motorcyclists’ deaths.

The report found that more than three-quarters of the riders surveyed do lane share on freeways, while 64% do the same on urban multi-lane roads. The positive news is that 84% of the riders surveyed have never had an interaction with a car while lane sharing and of those who have only a small percentage were injured. This highlights one of the advantages of lane sharing, it prevents rear end accidents. The last main takeaway from the riders is that only 1% of them had been given tickets for law sharing. 

Car drivers meanwhile are less in the know about lane sharing. Nearly half of the drivers in California did not know that lane sharing was legal. Only 5% of the drivers reported that they had had an contact event with a lane-sharing motorcyclist, with most of those just being a mirror contact or a minor scraping.

The report summarizes that lane sharing saves lives since it gives motorcyclists more avenues of escape while they are using unoccupied sections of the roads and helps keep them from being rear ended.

According to Motorcycle Consumer News, California needs to be a part of any lane sharing studies since it is the only state where motorcycle lane sharing is allowed and also a state with a long motorcycle riding season.

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