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October 9, 2012

MIT Study: READING KILLS (While Driving)

A new study from MIT AgeLab and Monotype has discovered that reading kills. The white coats looked into how different typefaces on dashboard navigation systems affected drivers and their ability to pay attention to the task at hand: driving safely while texting and keeping the kids from poking at one another. 

It turns out that fonts that are more difficult to read can lead to more accidents. The researchers had “square grotesque” font battle “humanist” font. In the study, folks reading the grotesque font had to look at the navigation longer since the font is made up of tightly spaced letters that tend to blend together. About this finding, one lab rat said, “difference in glance time represents approximately 50 feet in distance when traveling at U.S. highway speed.”

The researchers refused to comment on their study of the notorious wingding font or the allegations that all of the study’s subjects had been killed during that part of the research.

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