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May 31, 2012

Volvo Tests Self-Driving Cars

Volvo has gone live with its testing of a technology that it has dubbed the Safe Road Trains for the Environment, SARTRE. This society-changing technology is a system consisting of vehicle sensors, adaptive cruise control and forward warning that, when used together, gives driverless cars the ability to follow one another along roads and highways while smart drafting.

As the tests get further along and the technology improves and gets ready for production, vehicles will be equipped with wireless communication capability so that they can communicate with one another as they navigate roads as, what are in effect, road trains.

The Volvo 120-mile live test was performed by a lead truck that was automatically followed by a second truck and two cars. The automaker says that the successful test shows that self-driving technology does indeed work and should, with time, negate the need for drivers to be at the wheel during tedious trips.

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