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May 29, 2012

Cops Hunting Seatbelt Fakers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced that seatbelt fakers have best be on guard, for the long arm of the law is reaching for them and their lack of seatbelt-buckling skills.

The NHTSA says that the more belts are clicked, the fewer that ghosts will be given up. In fact, according to the administration, 3,341 lives would have been saved if all passengers five and older had worn seat belts in 2010. In a press release, the NHTSA said, “this year’s Click It or Ticket crackdown is specifically targeting drivers who try to fake it. “Our new ad campaign focuses on a move known as the ‘fake-a-roony’ — quickly and momentarily pulling your belt across your chest when driving past a police car.”

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