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January 25, 2012

New Safety Technology to Slash Accidents by 80%: NHTSA


The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration says that its five-star crash assessment testing may be modified to reflect the positive impact that new collision avoidance technologies have had on vehicle accidents.

As the technologies, such as lane departure assistance systems and forward collision warning systems, become more commonplace and more effective, experts believe that the national accident numbers will plunge.

Speaking at the Detroit auto show, NHTSA administrator David Strickland said, “Crash-worthiness has been the guiding star for NHTSA [since its formation]. But if there’s an opportunity to prevent a crash—that is the goal.” Strickland added that since 80 per cent of all crashes are caused by driver error, this technology could eventually cut accidents involving non-impaired drivers by 80 percent.

It’s just surprising that these technology has not made the list of top automotive innovations of 2012.  Surely it’s as important, if not much more important, than all of the smartphone connectivity gizmos that are garnering all of the attention at this year’s Detroit Auto Show.

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