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October 24, 2011

50% of IIHS-Tested Booster Seats Marked as BEST BETS

Booster seats are used for children of ages 4-8, when the child has outgrown a car’s seat. These seats are elevated and the seat belts meant for adults sag loosely over the child’s thighs. When the IIHS tested 62 booster seats, a record 31 seats were able to correctly position a vehicle’s safety belts on a child in almost any car, SUV or minivan. These were given the BEST BETS designation and another 5 which had an acceptable fit, were given GOOD BETS designation.

Read the full article here:
Record number of booster seats earn highest rating from IIHS

booster seat

Image by manue_aka_crazeecrafteez

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